Swink Intro is our foundation to our programs here. It is your introduction to all things movement. You’ll learn how to properly setup and use a Row machine, how to Squat properly, learn about jumping and running with correct form, etc. The movement patterns we teach here are our most valuable lessons here at Swink.

Everyone must go through our Intro program before joining our Fundamentals classes. This has been developed through years of trial and error of teaching and learning ways to introduce people to our GPP (General Physical Preparedness) programs. It is THE essential part to joining.

Our Intro program is done in a one-on-one setting. Our one-on-one is more of an expense up front, but that would be the only time you’d pay the fee. The Intro course is about 6 sessions (one-on-one). The one-on-ones can be scheduled anytime and as many days a week, so as long as you and your coach work out the schedule. If you and a friend/significant other want to do the one-on-one, there is also a discount for you both signing up.


For more info on how this program works, the pieces within the program or to schedule with a coach, call or email us today!