To begin, all you need to do is give us a call at 214-682-2706 and set up a free meeting with one of our coaches.  This “intro meeting” is to give you a tour of our gym, explain to you what we are all about, talk about you and your goals, answer any questions, etc (please allow about 30-45 minutes for the meeting).  Also, be sure that you like our facebook page so you can get the latest updates.

From there, we get you started in our program by our one-on-one Intro session.

The one on one Intro sessions are you and one of our coaches, meeting around your current schedule, as many times a week as you can fit it in.  This class, because of the quicker, more personal approach, is a bit more in price than the Fundamentals pricing.


6 responses to “GETTING STARTED

  1. I am 5weeks pregnant, I am allowed to workout during my pregnancy. however I was wondering if crossfit maybe a little too much at this time?

    • It might be too intense, but we can always scale back and do everyday. Also, we have an all girls class that may be easier to begin with and scale. Either way, we’d love to chat with you if you get a chance to swing by the gym!

  2. Just moved here from Arkansas. Have several years experience (off and on) in CrossFit. Just wondering how much a membership might be at your box? Thank you.

    • Hey Eric! Excited you would like to join us here at Swink. Feel free to give us a shout at 214-682-2706 to schedule a day to come by and chat with us about joining! Looking forward to meeting soon Eric.

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